Saturday 15 August 2009

Missing you already!

Well I survived delivering the four boys without making a show of myself.

I couldn't sleep last night so I was down in the field with them at 6am this morning whilst everyone else was in bed saying my goodbyes. I will see them again, so its not really goodbye.

I've shed copious amounts of tears the last few days and this morning was no different and then Aodhfin didn't want to go into the trailer which made it worse, but I know that Juliet, John and their children from Lavender-Bee Alpacas will love them lots and they have a lovely home up in the Scottish Borders.

Here are the boys, Horatio, Barnaby, Aodhfin and Gaussian meeting their new herd mates. It didn't take Horatio long to let them know that he likes to be in charge.

Here is Juliet giving the boys some food, again Horatio was first over and tucked in (despite having breakfast before we left). The picture quality isn't too good on this one as we were sheltering in the boys field shelter as the heavens opened just as we arrived.


Rob @ Wellground said...

It's never easy when they have to go Debbie, but it looks like they have gone to a great new home. That looks like an excellent result.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You are very brave !!...Im sad just thinking about them leaving you......but It looks lovely where they have gone to, I know that you would have picked a very special home for these lovely boys, I know that they will be very happy with their new owners ......Jayne

Rachelle said...

Just happened to find you by chance.
I know how hard it is, we had to let 7 of our boys go this year, and 2 females.
Hugs for you, stop by and see me sometime at my blog!