Tuesday 25 August 2009


Well I didn't find Alice's tooth! Despite a good look whilst cleaning the paddock I never saw it, the girls have almost eaten all the grass so I thought it would be easy to spot.

Having cleaned the girls two paddock (big girls and little girls), the manure is starting to build up. I usually advertise it on Freecycle but I didn't get any takers last time. Hopefully all the gardeners will be digging up their produce very soon and will start putting some goodness back onto the land.

I have been getting my knitted stock ready for the weekend, we are at the local Dyke Neuk Show this weekend with a couple of alpacas. I have a fair few labels that need printing saying who donated their fleece etc.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie,
Enjoy your show...I've never found any teeth either !....and theres a few missing at the moment...Oonagh is still hanging on I guess....as there is no new arrivals on the blog....I hope you do well with your alpaca knit ware, its getting a bit wintery, so they should fly off the shelf !......Jayne

Jeff said...

Debbie, Rob Rawlins said that you have had success at Alpaca poo logs. Is this true and can you advise how to do it as our attempts have not been what I expected!