Wednesday 26 August 2009

Wet and muddy

What a horrible day, it absolutely threw it down this morning. Thankfully I had finished the morning feed before it got too bad. I only got wet rather than soaked!

I have spent the day checking pricing, labelling and re bagging the knitwear as necessary. So we are now ready for the show at the weekend, hopefully we will make a few sales although selling knitwear in the summer is not usually the best time.

It dried up this evening so I got to do a couple of spit offs, Little Miss Irraquoy let us have it with both barrels, so that is good. That is three very convincing spits from her now and Katia who was mated to Legend last week gave a good ovulation spit.

Whilst this was going on though Geena came and sat down, she did an ovulation spit last week but has quite clearly not taken so that is a job for Masterpiece tomorrow. That will please him as he was far from happy when I took Hughie and Legend off this evening for their 'duties'.

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