Thursday 6 August 2009

Sun or shade?

It has been another nice day today, the herd have been enjoying the sunshine.

Oonagh has been seeking shade, carrying all that extra cria weight round with her is obviously hard work. She is at 321 days today and I'm expecting her to have her baby in the next couple of weeks.

Both Oonagh's mum and grandma have low average gestation periods so I'm expecting Oonagh to carry on this tradition as she already has a nice bag of milk. She was our first Barnacre baby so to see her have a baby of her own will be very special indeed.

I have had the vet out today to give a couple of the girls a shot of Estrumate, both were scanned pregnant (by different people) last year but have turned out not to be pregnant. Hopefully give it a few days and they will be interested in the boys and cycling properly again.

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