Sunday 2 August 2009

Farm sale and a birthday BBQ

It has been another busy weekend, yesterday we went to a local farm sale. A farmer was retiring and selling off his machinery and equipment and a few bits that I personally thought belonged in the tip!

We went with the intention of getting a sheep taxi (small trailer for the quad to anyone who doesn't understand our speak!) but came home with a hay manger which now seems to have changed it's name to a hay heck. I wish people would stick to one name for things, it would make life much more simple.

Today was our farmer friend, Alan's birthday. A big one too, but I wont tell you all how old he is, that would be cruel. We have spend the afternoon and evening being wined and dined at his bbq, very nice it was too.

I've also fell in love with his daughter, Marcia's kitten which is looking for a new home. I blame Mark for keep putting pictures of his kittens on the blog I now 'need' one. Paul is having none of it at present but I'm working on it!!!

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