Friday 21 August 2009

Paddock cleaning

As the weather has been hit and miss this week I have been unable to get the fields cleaned which is something I like to do on a very regular basis. This afternoon the sun came out so so did the muck truck.

I've had a touch of backache all week from all the clearing of the new field so poo picking seemed much more of a chore than normal today. At least almost all the paddocks are now done, just the big girls one left which is on the list for tomorrow.

I thought you might like to see today's greeting from Duke, he is a real little sweetie. He came for a taste of Heidi's bottle again this afternoon. He really doesn't need it he is gaining weight nicely on his mum's milk but seems to like a free meal! When I weighed him this evening he was a healthy 18.3kg at a day under two months old.

Sandstorm has also been growing nicely, he's already more than doubled his birth weight. I can see we are going to be weaning him early, he has spent most of today hanging off the back of Angelus humming away until she sits for him. Boys!!

Just a quick glove update; more haste less speed. I got a bit carried away and didn't reverse my shaping so was going to end up with two right hand gloves. I have pulled it down a bit and will now have to finish it over the weekend.


janet said...

Hello debbie, What a lovely photo of Duke, he is adorable, but i think they are all lovely. I am glad its not just me that tries to get knitting done too quick and finish taking some of it down. xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Duke is gorgeous !!...he is a real back to the knitting....I just wish I could read patterns !!!....Im struggling to understand all the technical points....and you wonder why I make my own changes, maybe one-day I'll understand...I need a knitting teacher, who can explain what to do !!....I do like the simple patterns, I've got no hope of knitting gloves, so I wouldn't worry about two 'right' could always do two left the next time and then you will have two pairs to sell......Jayne

Lucy said...

He's lovely! Ours do play mating from an incredibly young age too. But it usually just stays at the playing stage! Rinnes was very keen, but he's still just a youngster at 1 - he is not looking like a full on stud yet!