Monday 17 August 2009

Normal service resumed

Today Paul was back at his day job, so it was back to my usual routine this morning.

I got completely drenched first thing. Half way round the feed run the heavens opened, it was so fast by the time I sought cover I was dripping and needed to wring out my clothes. I may be mistaken but I thought it was summer!

I have been on my feet all day but don't seem to have crossed many tasks off the job list. Girls paddock cleaned, check; water troughs scrubbed; check, turf laid; check.

Before anyone sends for my turfing services I would like to point out that I only did a small amount round the girls shelter. It has become a mud patch and I reseed it every time the paddock is rested and it vanishes again. So I thought I would see if the turf works better.

I think young Duke has been telling his little mates that if you go running to the nice lady that brings a bottle to Heidi with your tail over your back humming you get an easy meal. At lunch time I took Hiedi her bottle (for which she wasn't that bothered) and we got mobbed with the other cria.

Duke came running trying to tell me he was starving, despite having mums milk all round his face so he had clearly just been fed! Hot on his heels was Sandstorm who didn't want to miss out on whatever was going on. Then I had Midnight Star being her usual mischievous self biting the other end of the bottle and Tenzing the other side chewing my leg.

At one point Heidi was having her bottle, Duke was nuzzling my armpit, Sandstorm chewing my finger, Star biting the bottom of the bottle and Oonagh grunting alongside me wanting her hand served sugarbeet.

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