Sunday 16 August 2009

Fencing again!

It seemed mighty strange this morning having no young boys to feed, but I have had an email from their new owners telling me that they are doing just fine. I thought ringing them on day one was a bit much so had refrained from calling so was very pleased to see an email when I logged on earlier.

We have been busy fencing the new field we have acquired so that the sheep could go in and do a spot of tidying up before we get it ready for the alpacas over winter. Anyone who has visited us here will know the state it was in and how much work is involved.

With the help of Paul's brother, Dean, and a friend 'Brick' we have got the fencing finished and the sheep are now in situ, which they are very pleased about because they had striped their last field bare.

I still have loads of cut grass to gather and remove as it was so long when it was cut. It is going to take quite some time to get it into shape.

Duke decided this evening that he was hungry again when he saw me coming to give Heidi her bottle. I'm sure he's just worked out that it's easier getting milk out of my bottle than from his mum as he only comes occasionally and is putting on lots of weight, just over a kilo in three days!

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