Saturday 22 August 2009

Pretty lawn mowers

The girls had a treat today and munched their way through the back lawn, it was much better than getting the mower out and the girls loved it.

Unfortunately for me, they also loved my raspberry plant and blackcurrant bushes. It's a good job they have both finished fruiting (not that I got anything off the raspberry this year), pesky monkey's I only left them unattended for a few seconds and Alice was straight in there. Once she had drawn attention to them Ursula and Geena were up for a bit of scrumping.

We have been hard at it on the new field, it is going to take us absolutely ages to get it into decent condition. I'm hoping to get it sufficiently sorted so I can put the boys in there for some of winter.

Oonagh is still holding on, although this evening she couldn't even be bothered to get up and come and have tea which is a sure signs things are getting closer. She didn't even want any when I went to her.

This morning we did a batch of successful spit offs with Chiquita, Imala and Geena which was good. It came as no surprise when Milly sat for Legend, if she doesn't take this time we will have to try her with some receptal I think as she has had a few goes now.

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