Monday 24 August 2009

Where's the tooth?

Alice, one of our elite Australian girls we have for sale, has had two sets of front teeth for some weeks now. Alpacas lose their baby teeth just like we do, and the the weekend I noticed that she had lost one of them. Well this afternoon she has lost the other, it was definitely there this morning! I find it really strange that I have never found a tooth in the field yet.

When I am out cleaning the field tomorrow that it going to be my mission to find the missing tooth!!

I've finished the gloves I was knitting, well finished knitting them and have sewn them up. I just need to sew on 20, yes 20 buttons and sew in the label and they are ready to go. Talking to my mum this evening she has also finished knitting the shrug she was doing so hopefully that will arrive with my brother when he visits at the weekend with my niece and sister-in-law.

I saw my sheep take full advantage of their alpaca neighbours today. One of the neighbours spaniels went into their field and started to chase them, the sheep headed off round the field but then the alpacas noticed the commotion and gathered at the fence, so the sheep changed course and headed to the protection of the alpacas. Who said sheep were stupid.

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Lucy said...

It's a mystery where those teeth go.... I have always wondered where kittens' teeth disappear to - do they actually swallow them I wonder? Good to note those sheep have sense.