Friday 7 August 2009

A new body & a red squirrel

Today my new body arrived; I wish - it was a mannequin to display some of my knitwear on. I'd ordered it off ebay and it's great, just the job.

Here it is displaying one of our cabled jumpers and the latest wrap knitted by my mum (which has yet to be added to the shop).

It came as no surprise when Ursula (the brown alpaca to the left) came over to introduce herself to it. You could see her trying to work out why it had no head!

I had to nip out to the supermarket this morning to get Heidi some more goats milk and just as I drove up our lane I had to stop for a red squirrel. It is the first one I've seen for a little while, I was getting worried that the greys had killed them all off as we had a few greys about not so long ago.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely body and knitting !!...I have two red squirrels that I feed at the edge of the wood !!..there is one with a white tail !!....Jayne