Thursday 22 July 2010

Back to the desk job

Wynfor is continuing to concern me, he seemed rather lethargic this morning and didn't really want to move out of the girls way when they came for breakfast.

I decided that after his weight loss yesterday I thought I would offer him a bottle. He wasn't in the slightest bit interested so I decided I would give him some jumpstart gel which he didn't seem to keen on either; he tried to cough and spit it out. It did make him go and get a drink from mum though to get rid of the nasty taste so at least I know he is drinking.

I have seen him drinking a few times but he's never on for very long, Imala has plenty of milk so I will keep a close eye on him. He seemed to be walking a little stiff this morning so I'm not sure if he's been knocked by someone and is feeling a little sore. By this evening he seems to be moving better and is a little livelier so we will see, he hasn't lost any more weight and has gained 40gms.

Minimus is now over 5kg, he put on a huge 310gm today which was 6.4% of his body weight in one day!

I'm off to pick up some Lambivac from the vets tomorrow so I will mention Wynfor to him and see what he thinks.

Other than on baby watch I've been working on the computer most of the day, so I now have square eyes - I certainly don't miss my office job that's for sure! All the cria weights are now up to date, I fine it fascinating how different family lines follow certain trends. It is also a great way to compare cria from one year to the next. This years youngsters are growing faster than in previous years.

I have also been updating the shop which was rather out of date. I've been marking all the sold items and have almost finished, next job is to photograph the new stock and get that on there. I may need Paul's help with that though - website work gets a bit complicated for me.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

These little ones are a worry...I hope Wynfor is soon on the mend ! ..Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

these cria can be such a worry. Hope he gains energy soon and is doing what all cria should.

Rosemary said...

I do hope Wynfor is improving.
Minimus is going great guns! And love his name!