Monday 5 July 2010

Oops LMI is in trouble!

As I said on the blog yesterday my brother and his family are up for a few days so they have all been getting stuck in to jobs. At lunchtime it went very dull and began to rain so I dashed out to put coats on the latest two arrivals.

My brother kindly offered to help by bringing the coats, I forgot to mention to him that Little Miss Irraquoy was rather protective. I walked straight over and caught LMI's son, much to her disgust and she began screeching at me then turned to my brother who was crouched down about 8 feet away and spat full in his face and all over his top!!!

I know I shouldn't, but I just couldn't help it, I was in hysterics his face was a picture. He was covered in this putrid green gunk, I wished I'd got my camera. Irraquoy calmly turned round and watched me put her baby's coat on then they trotted off. I'm still laughing now as I type - sorry Colin! As you can imagine I now have his clothes to wash.

This evening we had a couple of spit offs and a mating to do, funnily enough my brother was nowhere in sight. Willow made her thoughts on the whole mating situation quite clear and was off like a shot, so hopefully she is pregnant to Legend.

After carrying our his spit off duties Gianmarco's Masterpiece was rewarded with a date with Veruschka. I thought we were going to be there all nice he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

...and when someone says, "they spit don't they?", we say, "only at each other" followed by the disclaimer, "unless you are doing something they don't approve of" - tee hee, well you are allowed to laugh at your brother