Tuesday 13 July 2010

A busy day to see stars

We had a long job list to get through today and we didn't mange to complete them but we got a good way through.

First up was a batch of routine vaccinations for the girls and some toe nail trimming, there were a fair few in need of trimming which is unusual so soon after shearing.

Most of the girls were well behaved with a couple of exceptions, both very predictable really. Kate was due a spit off but by the reaction we got when it was time for her toe nail trimming I knew what was going to happen when the boys came visiting! As soon as Paul tried to get hold of her so I could do her nails she went mad, half was through she managed to kick me so hard she pushed my hand through the crush we were using. It was so painful it sent me dizzy and I had to sit down, I thought I was going to pass out!

Thankfully I just have a sore grazed and swollen hand to show for my troubles and I was able to complete all the girls pedicures and injections.

Next was spit offs, as suspected Kate gave poor Loki a face full of green and Mary kicked him in
disgust at even trying to sniff her back end. They are Loki's first two conquests and its looking like both are pregnant on the first sitting. Both girls took first time last year too.

All the other girls spat off as well, Willow, Nefertiti, Veruscha, Alice and Molly. Unfortunately Ursula also refused to sit, despite having not been mated since she gave birth almost a month ago, it looks like she is going to take after her mum Mary and prefer about a 6 week gap in between birthing and mating. I will try her again in a few days. LMI was very keen to get a go, she only gave birth 9 days ago so she has a few more days to wait until she gets her turn.

Next on the list was moving the girls to fresh grass which went down a treat as you can imagine.

Whilst the youngsters were exploring I managed to get 8 of the 9 cria in one shot - aren't you impressed, I was. From right to left we have Casiphia, Niveous, Pearson (facing to the left), Layla, Lucia (black bum), Ochre, Kazuo and on the far right Meketaten. Lady Godiva is missing, she was too busy having a drink!
After we'd watched for a while it was clean, cut and harrow the field they'd just got off. This is where we ran out of hours, we did the clean and cut bit just didn't quite get to do the harrowing. Now it is raining so hopefully that will start to kick it back into life so the girls can get another chance to go in there.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely babies..there is always one...missing !!....sounds like you are in need of a bit of rain..!!for your grass, its on its way....I need a bit more for my hay crop !!......Jayne

Rosemary said...

Very impressive babies!
I know what you mean about toe nails - some of ours need doing again, which is unusual.