Thursday 8 July 2010

Payback time

Nothing much to report today other than I think my brother may have had words with LMI.

Colin & Sarah have been out for a meal at our favourite Italian restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary this evening leaving me to babysit Faith. We've had a great time and she was still bathed and fast asleep in bed before they got back - not bad eh!

Once they were back I decided that I'd go and weigh the babies as it has forecast a wet day tomorrow. Little Miss Irraqouy was not at all impressed when I got hold her her son, Niveous, not impressed was an understatement, she went mad. Stamping spitting and squealing at me I was green from head to toe and as the the smell, words can not describe it.

Paul and my brother thought it highly amusing - that will teach me to laugh at my brother I suppose.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Oh..dear, sadly....I will be subject to the same...soon...after Minstrel..has a date with the boys !!....and 'Green' will be the colour to be seen in !!!! we will be in fashion !!!......Jayne