Saturday 24 July 2010

Simultaneous matings

Firstly I must thank those of you for your kind comments on my photo labelling, Paul thinks I'm rubbish on the computer, so I will be pointing those out to him later!

We have had another busy day, it started off with some matings, Gabby had a date with Mr Guinea, we have repeated her mating from last year as her cria, Lady Godiva is fantastic so hopefully we will be blessed with another next year.

At the same time Legend of Spartacus was working hard with Little Miss Irraquoy, another repeat of last years mating, in the hope of a female version of Niveous (he is a little stunner, with a big attitude).

Simultaneously Gianmarco's Masterpiece was on the case with Ursula who decided after a little complaint that she would let him do his stuff. The three boys were all orgling away to see who could get the loudest and who could last the longest, as we'd predicted Marky took that crown!

Whilst the matings were going on Chiquita and Imala sat in hope. It's only a week since they gave birth so they will have to wait a little while yet. Chiquita was so desperate she was trying to climb in the pen with Golden Guinea; maybe she is letting us know that is who she fancies this year.

We had a job and a half getting Guinea back into his field as he refused to leave the ladies, he sat down and would not move. It took almost half an hour and various persuasive tactics, at this rate I can see we will have to put him in the trailre when his services are required. He is usually ok when he has worked but he knew that Chiquita wanted him and didn't want to miss out!

We had some Lambivac injections to do for some of the cria which all went well. The two big boys and two little boys have also been weighed. Kazuo (10 weeks old today) is 24kg and Ochre (8 weeks old yesterday) is 24.2kg, the two littlies are also gaining. Thankfully Wynfor has put on a small amount today, 110gms so hopefully he is getting back to normal, whilst Minimus weighed in at 5.69kg.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to hear that Wynfor and Minimus are catching up to the others !.....Jayne

Unknown said...

Good on yer Guinea...Legacy is still to drag back at 13 years old...must be in the genes!