Friday 16 July 2010

Power cut so no breakfast

The wind had been blowing a gale again today, which I think was probably to blame for us being out of electricity for most of the morning. Thankfully I'd had a cup of tea at stupid o'clock so that had to keep me going until the power came back on about 12.

I had already partly opened the garage door (it's electric) before the power went off so everyone was ok for breakfast, except us humans who were supposed to be having a cooked breakfast as it was the last day of Paul's holiday and we are at Otterburn Festival all weekend.

The garage door wasn't open enough to get the much truck out and I couldn't get on the computer to do labels and the information sheets I wanted to do ready for the weekend but I did get to load the car I suppose before it was dark which is usually what happens!

Imala's baby is ok although unlike all but one of our cria this year has has lost a little weight on day one. He is a sweet little thing and his fleece is already full of character, just like his daddy. All three of our Legend cria are so alike it is going to be difficult to tell them apart from a distance once they are once they are bigger.
I haven't been out with the camera today but Paul took this photo of Lady Godiva yesterday, she is really friendly and has a lovely fleece too. We have been very pleased with the results we have had from all three of our stud boys.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

She looks a beautiful...girl ! must be very pleased with you babies....Jayne

Rosemary said...

Nothing worse than no tea!
She does look very beuatiful - and strong. Have a great time at Otterburn.