Wednesday 14 July 2010

We did ask for it!

Well I know we asked for rain, but boy have we had rain today, so much so when I went out just before dark to check all the girls were ok there were actually puddles in the field which is the first time in months. On the plus point hopefully this will mean we may get a bit of grass growth.

Paul manged to get the girls previous field harrowed before the heavens opened so hopefully that will have a real growth spurt now.

We had visitors this morning too, I forgot to ask permission to mention them on the blog so they will remain nameless. They were keen to see our cria, most of whom where happy to come over and show themselves off apart from the new Legend babies Casiphia and Niveous who were far too busy playing or running off.

They then had a quick skirting lesson on a very nice fleece they bought over from one of their boys. Hopefully I was able to guide them in the right direction.

Carol and Dave popped round with goodies tonight, Carol with a load of knitting she's been working on - she really never ceases to amaze me how much she can churn out. Dave came with the remaining Mary fleece fully carded, and even asked for more. He didn't need to offer twice he has gone home with Nefertiti; thank you Dave!

They also bought a huge (it obviously liked the alpaca poo) lettuce that had been freshly dug from their veggie patch,; yum yum.

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