Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Visitors and a quick vet trip

Another busy day is drawing to a close, and I am certainly ready for my bed tonight, but Paul wouldn't let me miss a blog - he's a real slave driver on the blog!

Chiquita's son, who we have named Minimus (from the Shakespeare play Midsummer Night's Dream) continues to do well. I have got some eye drops for him as the flies are being a real pain, I have also dabbed a little Crovect on his head to try and keep the flies off.

He has gained weight again and is now 4.66kg so we are very pleased with him, Chiquita seems to be loving motherhood and is taking very good care of him. This evening they are shut in the shelter with Imala and her baby Wynfor as the rain is really coming down.

We have had a couple of visitors today, a local lady reserved one of our jumpers at the weekend and came to collect it today. Whilst she was here with her children they admired they girls and their babies who came over to see if there was any extra food on offer!

Then I had a visit from another lady who came to buy a unique gift for a friend, I wont mention what it is as I'm not sure if said friend may be reading my blog.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I hear you are having torrential rain !!....glad those babies are nice and snug !!.......Jayne