Sunday 18 July 2010

Growing nicely

We were back at Otterburn Festival today, it was the turn of Hughie and Loki to meet the public today. I like to take different animals each day as it is nice for the people that are there both days and it does the boys good to get out and see the different people and surroundings.

I was up early so I could check on Chiquita's little man, he is doing well so far happily running round joining in with the much larger cria. I think he is giving Chiquita a dose of her own medicine as she is running round after him in a panic, just like Willow did when Chiquita was born!

He has obviously had plenty of good milk as he has gained 240 grams in 24 hours, he is now a whooping 4.28kg. His has the most adorable face and his fleece is already looking nice, it is so bright and quite long.

As in previous years Otterburn was much busier today, and the alpacas and our products proved very popular. It is so nice to see people appreciate your hard work - thank you.

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Rosemary said...

You've got lovely products - so I'm not surprised!
Glad to hear Chiquita's ccria is doing well.