Thursday 29 July 2010

Topped the grass and the scales

I have had another busy day which started off with a trip to the dentist for a routine check up, thankfully I got off lightly and needed no treatment - phew, I hate the dentist!

The first job on the list when I got back was to top the back field, so I'd got Paul to help me attach the flail before he went to work. It is far too heavy even for me to lift who can usually manage most things Paul can.

The girls decided to take advantage of an open gate whilst I was feeding Geena's baby, I'd obviously not shut the gate properly and someone spotted it and were straight through on to the the grass I was about to top. After well over half an hour of trying to shepperd them back with no success what so ever I managed to get some help from my neighbour.

After making a poo brick from the deposit I was left I got the field topped just in time for my parents arrival. They are here to keep an eye on things whilst we are at Kelso show tomorrow and Saturday.

The car is loaded with all the fleeces, score cards, manuals and everything else for the fleece judging is ready so hopefully Nick Harrington-Smith's plane will be on time and all will go according to plan.

The babies are continuing to gain weight nicely, in fact Layla (Willow's baby) is positively rotund at 19.34kg. It took Willow's first cria, Chiquita, nine months to get to that weight and Layla has made it in 8 weeks, which is great news.

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Rosemary said...

Glad about the dentist!
Best wishes for Kelso Show - look forward to hearing all about it.