Wednesday 21 July 2010

More than one tiny baby at Barnacre

The weather has been much better today so I have been out with the topper, with all the rain and the warmth the grass seems to finally be growing - in places anyway. I have topped one of the girls resting paddocks, it's the one they are moving into next so I am hoping to thicken it up a bit before hand. I also cut the strip to the side of the house, that is actually looking the best it have looked for months.

Minimus's eye drops seem to be helping and his eyes aren't looking so sore. He is continuing to do well and is now up to 4,88kg. Here he is in between Pearson (on the left) and Kazuo (right), they are only 4.5 weeks and 9 weeks old respectively but look massive in comparison.

We weighed most of the babies tonight and the are all gaining nicely with the exception of Wynfor who has lost a little weight since he was weighed yesterday. I will keep a close eye on him over the next few hours.

My parents have headed off home today with their car somewhat emptier car than when they arrived. I'm not sure what they have left behind other than Tilly & Izzie, my two new kittens!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah...they are lovely ! Minimus...Tilly and Izzie !!..what a bundle of the maximus !!!!.......Jayne

Unknown said...

They look lovely...double trouble I expect!

Rosemary said...

Little Minimus looks lovely - and healthy! The cats are gorgeous, just like my Cruella but a lot cleaner!