Saturday 17 July 2010

Mum has a more productive day than me

Off we went to Otterburn Festival this morning, having got up at 5am to finish off a few labels check the pregnant girls and the babies before leaving mum in charge for the day.

It was blowing a hooly as they say in these parts - very windy to the likes of me! I thought we were going to loose the gazebo, in fact I spent most of the day hanging on to it for dear live whilst Paul was next to the boys answering all the public questions and keeping an eye on Tenzing and Sandstorm who were on their first ever outing.

By 2.30pm and a number of phone calls home to make sure all was ok I was beginning to wish I'd not taken all my knitwear, when I received a text from mum saying "I think something is happening".

Panic, Chiquita was the girl I have been most worried about birthing all year (and mum knew this!) and now it was looking like she was going to give birth whilst I was away. Time to pack up!!

It was the quickest ever take down of the stand (even whilst talking on the phone) and just as I was about to load the last box to the car mum rings to announce the baby is on the ground. Thankfully mum and Chiquita did a marvelous job and by the time we were home the baby was trying to stand.

He is gorgeous but as we expected very tiny weighing only 4.04kg which is half the weight of many of this years cria. Here he is with mum and grandma Willow and her cria Layla (6 weeks old).
This next shot show him with two month old Kazuo (and his mum Alice) who looks enormous in comparison.
Finally here he is the what looks like the jungle, I wouldn't mind but the grass isn't even very long!


Unknown said...

Gosh the little man is tiny...wishing him the best of health...and of course congratulayions to Debbie's Mum!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations.....on your lovely new arrival...he is a sweetie, glad he arrived safe and sound....Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

they always know when you are away :)

what a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Well done to your mum, Debbie, and he's absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see him and knit with that lovely colour. Ooh I can feel a new knitting pattern coming on.....
Hope you have a better day at Otterburn today.

Hilary Cross said...

Congratulations Debbie. Is Chiquita your little girl?

Sid and Pat said...

He really is a lovely man - I like the picture of him hiding in the grass spying on the others.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Congrats on the cute one, Debbie :-)

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Yes Hilary, Chiquita is our little dormouse.