Sunday 25 July 2010

Midnight Star is a big girl

We had more matings on the job list today, Veruschka sat when we spat her off yesterday so she had an appointment with Gianmarco's Masterpiece. Legend wasn't very impressed when we walked off with his mate, he knew he was off to see the ladies!

Then it was the turn of Midnight Star, she has been desperate to be mated since the spring, but we had told her she had to wait. Star is just over 14 months, so younger than we would usually mate, but she is a big girl and mentally rather advanced for her age so we decided that we would give her a go today.

Loki enjoyed himself and it ended up being the longest mating of the year to date, Star enjoyed it that much she ran after Loki wanting more! Hopefully that will be her lot until next year. It will be interesting to see what she produces with Loki as Star is actually a multi.

Both Wynfor and Minimus have gained weight today which is good. Wynfor is back to where he was before he lost weight earlier in the week. I am now even more convinced that he'd taken a knock from someone as he is much happier today.

We have managed to stock up on our straw for the year, Alan (farmer friend) stopped us this morning to day he had done some small Barley straw bales so we could go and collect some from the field. Small bales don't get made too often so we were straight over to fill the little trailer.

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