Friday 2 July 2010

On your marks

When I got up to do my early morning check at 4am we had had a considerable amount of rain which was very much needed, by lunchtime you could already see how some of the grass had greened back up.

I thought I'd better get the lawn mower out and cut the back and side lawns. These get used as emergency grazing later in the year so I am hoping to get them to thicken up a bit before the end of the growing season, but without much rain it's not growing let alone thickening up.

Whilst I was driving round on the mower all seven cria were charging round playing chase, typically by the time I'd come back into the house to get the camera the younger members of the gang were having a milk break.

Seeing as I had the camera I thought I'd take a picture anyway. Leaving the pack is Ochre followed by Kazuo, Meketaten and Lucia heading up the rear.

This evening Casiphia needed her second antibiotic injection, she is a real live wire so I decided to wait until Paul got home rather than try and do it on my own. She was a good girl and behaved, her navel does now feel slightly different so hopefully whatever the problem was it is going, she still has the thick shrivelled up umbilical cord attached but hopefully that will drop off soon.

We are off to Cambo Village Fair tomorrow so I've been busy getting my stock ready, there were lots of new items that needed pricing up. I really must get all the new stock shown on our on line shop. That can be on the job list for next week!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely...colourful..babies !.......Jayne