Saturday 31 March 2012

Big bed a year on

It's the weekend again which can only mean one thing, fencing time!  We are currently fencing a downward slope with bends in it so there are lots of strainers and it's taking some time.  We also seem to have found lots of stones which have required digging out.
I have removed Ebony's lambs splints tonight to see how he gets on, he's walking on his tip toes at the minutes so I will keep a close eye on him.

Unfortunately it's not been a a good day in the Shep department today, we lost a very heavily pregnant ewe who was carrying twins.  I found her stuck on her back on Thursday morning but she seemed to be picking up a bit, poor thing.  I really don't think I will ever get used to losing livestock, it makes me feel like I failed them.

The pet sheep continue to keep their legs crossed, I'm not sure how Mocha is still hanging on to hers, although she was the same last year so we could still have a while to wait for her to produce.

I'm planning an early night tonight, for the first time in a year we are going to sleep in our own bed, we have been using the spare bed up until now, but with carpets fitted it time to get the king size bed back up - can't wait.  Best go, just in case Paul beats me to the nice clean sheets and big bed!

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Rosemary said...

Enjoy the big bed tonight!!

My sheep are not due until Easter Sunday - but they all look enormous!

Sorry to hear about the pregnant ewe you lost - it is always hard when you lose one.