Thursday 29 March 2012

Bird visitors

I'm pleased to report that all the sheep have stayed the right side of the wall today so my temporary wall fix has worked.  I dreaded looking in their direction all day just in case they were off again!

The girls have well and truly settled into their new field, I'm amazed that none of them have really bothered about their weanling offspring in the next field, not even Willow who is exceptionally close to her daughters.

We are getting some very interested feathered visitors to the hill now.  There are lots of curlews and sky larks about and we have three buzzards that spend a lot of their time flying over the hill.  I managed to snap this one having a rest on one of our fence posts.
 We have also been trying to identify another bird that flies round the ditches on the land and sometimes sits in the long grass.  I'd said to Paul that it flew like an owl but we thought it was some sort of bird of pray, a harrier maybe.

In a stoke of good luck we happened to have the camera with us when it decided to perch on one of the fence poles.

It's a short eared owl!

I have managed to get the girls old field harrowed today, here's a long range shot of it from just outside their new field.  The stakes you can see are marking out the fence line for our next fencing job!

The three lambs are enjoying the sunshine, they have all had their tails ringed today, and the poor boys castrated.  Ebony's lambs feet are also starting to straighten which is good news.  He is still supporting his red splits though for a few more days yet.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great news that the sheep are where they should be ! Looks like you have got some lovely feathered visitors ! Your next fencing job ...looks like its going to be a challenge !! I hope the weather stays nice for you ......Jayne