Thursday 15 March 2012

Sunbathing creatures

I thought I would keep the words brief tonight and share a few pictures, unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to catch a photo of the stoat that ran across the yard and down our drive this morning.  He was lovely, but far too fast for me!

I did manage to snap one of the skylarks that was singing to me whilst I was feeding the littlies and the boys this morning.
Talking of littlies how could I resist sharing this one of sibling love, Minimus and Piccolina who are inseparable no matter if they are in the shed or not!  I caught they sunbathing together whilst I was driving round on the flail mower.

And finally, oh to be a farm cat at Barnacre, Smudge and Izzie catching a few rays.  Tilly was asleep in my bed but don't tell Paul.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely photos of the sun bathing creatures such pleasure for the lady of the manor .....I'm guessing !!!....Jayne

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Great photo's, really makes me smile to see everyone taking advantage of the sunshine :)