Sunday 4 March 2012

Swamp fever

Unfortunately the weather wasn't very kind to us today.  I laid in bed last night listening to the rain pouring down and got up to it still raining.  The rain soon turned to sleet and snow and the ground was sodden so no fencing today.

Instead Paul and Colin (brother) decided to do some more work on our field drains. 

Off they went up the hill with the strimmer, rakes, spades and plenty of good humour (which they needed!).  They came back at lunchtime rather wet and smelly but in good spirits because their hard work appeared to be paying off.  By this evening they are both hobbling round complaining about various aches and pains but they have hopefully stopped the water running into the boys field and there is a definite increase in flow of water into the culvert.  Here is one of the swamp monsters that returned (not sure how he could see what he was doing)...

Whilst the boys were playing in the stagnant water I was trying to 'encourage' a rather weak sheep to follow me down the hill and into the shed.  She is quite tame for a blackie which is rather odd.  The poor ewe is somewhat unstable on her feet and a little on the lean side compared to the others and to say how much grass we have.  She is marked as being tupped by Wesley but to be honest I'm not sure she's in lamb.

Anyway after a huge bucked of feed to bribe her down the hill she is now our first sheep resident in the shed.  This evening is looking slightly happier and is calm enough in the shed.  Faith has named her Hannah so I hope she is ok and I can point her out when she is up next month or I will be in trouble!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a swamp monster !....maybe some wiper blades fitted on those glasses might help ...with the view !....sense of humour....glad you still have it !....after all that hard work !......Jayne

Rosemary said...

Is that an alpaca hat he is wearing?!
Lambing soon?

Denise said...

Have you got a mineral bucket out for your sheep. I know you have a lot of grass, but I'm finding my ewes are enjoying the mineral buckets as well.