Thursday 8 March 2012

Duck pond

Today I managed to find time to leave the farm for the few hours, it doesn't happen very often.  As my parents are here we headed off to Morpeth, I needed to pick up some vaccinations from the vet and dad needed some more beeswax for our handmade buttons.

Whilst we were out I was treated to lunch, very nice it was to Gianni's; thank you.

Minimus has been out again today, his knee is healing nicely, although we're not quite there yet and I don't want it to get infected again so he is back in tonight as I didn't want him getting it wet or dirty. 

Tonight he has sister Piccolina and Cazanova for company, and Nadia who decided that she didn't need a halter or head collar on to walk back to the shed, she knew the way.  I decided to let her walk down and she walk along side me all the way - what a good girl she is.  We don't have a channel fenced off yet so if she wanted she could have wandered round the 40 odd acres still to be divided up.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on the blog before that we intend having a little duck pond on the farm in the future.  Whilst I was out feeding my daddy made me one with three little ducks...

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