Monday 12 March 2012

Is the clock ticking faster?

I can't believe it's nearly bedtime again - where do the days go?!

After sheep wrestling yesterday even I didn't want to get up this morning but when you have mouths to feed and animals relying on you there is not choice so it was up at sunrise as usual.  My poor little legs were feeling the pain from Wesley's horns yesterday, I certainly have some bruises to show for my troubles.

The ewes all seem happy on their fresh grass, we have moved them down onto the lower half ready for lambing.  They have a few weeks to go yet but some are looking rather large.  Our pet sheep will lamb first (towards the end of the month), my money is on Ebony being first.  She is enormous and only having one so I'm just hoping it's not too big, she usually has whoppers.

On the alpaca front Lualeni is due 6 weeks today based on her previous gestation and her sister Oonagh four days later so it will soon be all go on the birthing front.  Time to get the birthing bucket all sorted, more on that another night.

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Linda said...

Living in the city I don't get to see large animals often. I have seen a couple of llamas in a nature park setting as well as donkeys and horses, but have never seen alpacas. They look so beautiful and sweet. Keep up the good work.