Sunday 11 March 2012

Day of rest; when?!

We have had an exceptionally busy day today, this morning we had a farm walk and talk booked.  The weather was great as were the visitors.  The alpacas always enjoy having visitors, here we have Gabby, Ursula, Oonagh and Geena being fed by Sian and Darren.
Meketaten was her usually show off self taking full advantage of some new admirers.  I do enjoy having a rummage in her fleece it is fantastic.

This afternoon we have been on sheep moving and vaccinating duties, all the pregnant girls needed their Heptivac injection and we have moved them on to the bottom half now that they are getting closer to lambing.  They should be much easier to keep an eye on down there and the grass is also nicer.

Carol and Dave came over to help us gather them up and dose them.  Once we got them through the first gate they moved quite nicely along the fence line and into the small (well we thought it was small) paddock so we could dose everyone.

They were rather naughty in there and took some rounding up, by the time we finished we were all worn out.  I have a number of bruises already from various horns and Wesley (the tup) managed to knock me completely off my feet - that hurt.  I didn't cry or swear; but I came close!

On the rounding up Paul took this photo from the top of the hill, it's not the best quality as it's on his blackberry but it gives you an idea of the space these ewes have.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like a great day..had by all !...even the sheep !....Jayne

Shirley said...

Now that's a lovely panoramic view!