Saturday 17 March 2012

Spike, knock, strighten, knock...... one post done

We were up at the crack of dawn as we had a fencing job on this morning and a trip out this afternoon.  We'd just finished the feeding rounds when Dave arrived to help, we all had other things to do this afternoon so we knew we needed to crack on!

I managed, well I say I, he was actually following Paul's instructions at the time, to knock Dave off his feet.  Luckily he was ok and I didn't actually knock him it was more he lost his balance, note to Dave try stabilisers tomorrow.

After Dave left we managed to finish knocking the posts for the girls field before we left.  That leaves the gate, crossbars and netting tomorrow before we move in to the next field.

This afternoon we went to look at some land, as I didn't ask for permission to talk about it I'd better say no more than that, but it's all rather exciting.


Unknown said...

The pair of you are going to be expert fencers by the time you fence all that...maybe you can start a little side line as pros!

Bev said...

Where's your camera when you need to snap a mate on his bum in the mud..