Tuesday 27 March 2012

Liberty Hill lambs start arriving

Lambs have started to arrive at Liberty Hill today.  Our pet sheep have started to lamb, when I got up this morning Ebony had already lambed right near our gate.

Ebony is a home bred ewe from one of my original pet sheep Pepper.  Since we started breeding from her she has only ever produced single lambs and everyone has been a boy, and this year is no different, one tup lamb from Ebony. 

He has a slight issue with his front legs, the tendons are very tight so instead of walking on his feet properly he's got his feet bent over and he's walking on the tops of his feet.  Poor little man now has they strapped up and he is in the shed for the night with his mum.

Not wanting to be outdone, Mia soon decided it was her turn to lamb.  Mia didn't like the first pair of lambs she had a couple of years ago initially so I was a little worried about her accepting this lot as last year she managed to avoid the tup completely and didn't have any.

She was soon in labour with a little sack of amniotic fluid handing from her back end she was doing all the classic things, scratching at the ground

Staring up at the sky and walking round and round in circles just in case the lamb had popped out without her noticing!

 No such luck I'm afraid Mia, she was pushing and groaning for ages to no available, all we had was two feet and a nose coming in and out despite her pushing for all she was worth.  Eventually I decided to lend a hand and I pulled the lamb out.  A lovely ewe lamb; we'll take that...

As you can see Mia likes her and we were soon on to number two.

The same thing happend here and Mia was really struggling to get the lamb any further out, so I helped again.  This time it was a slightly smaller tup lamb.

Mia seems to have taken to motherhood this time with no trouble at all which is great and Ebony loves her son and his quite protective of him.

All of them are safely in the shed for the night and will be put out again in the morning all being well in the sunshine.

That leaves 3 pet sheep left to lamb before we get on to the main flock, then it will be alpacas


Unknown said...

Great photos Debbie...although maybe I should have left them until after breakfast!

I take it this is just a gentle start to your lambing season this year!

Shirley said...

Good work, nurse!