Friday 9 March 2012

Washing label photograph and start all over again!

I'm not quite sure what happened to the weather today, it was supposed to be nice but no one seemed to tell the weather.  It has been dull and damp all day so Minimus and his friends have been shed dwelling today.  Now his leg is heeling I'm not going to let all that hard work be wasted and let him get it infected in a damp field.

Hannah the sheep is much better today and actually bleated for the first time for her tea.  I think she will be out at the weekend; sheep are so much smellier than alpacas so the sooner she's fit to return to the hill the better!

As the weather wasn't great I spent the morning washing and all afternoon printing labels for all the new knitwear.  Dad was on cutting and folding duties.

Just when I thought I was up to date I got a text from Carol who is back from her hols telling me she's knitted 7 hats whilst she was away.  It's a good job her and mum are busy knitting because I've been knitting the same pair of fingerless gloves for ages, I don't like them so am struggling to get motivated to knit them.


Rosemary said...

I have been on a pair of fingerless gloves for weeks and have just unpicked another two rows! Grrr!

Judi B said...

Yes, it's strange how some things are a joy to knit whilst others...well you said it! I think that once you start puylling back etc you might as well give up as it's soooo demotivating!

Not read recently how the new house is coming along...can we have some photos?!!