Wednesday 7 March 2012

Tractor track

We have been working hard today collecting stone, rock and rubble from what will be our garden and using it to fill in the huge ruts made by the tractor at the weekend.  I managed to get filthy and mud splattered as usual, I always say it's a sign of hard work being dirty!  That's why Paul is usually the clean one...

All the alpacas are loving the latest batch of carrots mum and dad bought with them, although at the rate mum is making dad chop them they won't last long.

Hannah the Blackie sheep is continuing to make good progress, I say with everything crossed; you know what sheep are like!  She is much stronger on her feet and stamping at my mum which has to be good - even though mum doesn't think so.

Mum and I are struggling to keep our eyes open to knit tonight so it might have to be an early night all round.

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