Friday 30 March 2012

Roll over

It has been another scorcher of a day on the hill, so many trips up and down with water again - not for much longer though.

The girls have spent much of the day sunbathing, paddling and rolling on mole hills.  There are a few favourite mole hills which mean they queue up to use them (just like I had to for fuel tonight!).

First Imala had a roll, then it was the turn of Kate, she isn't very good at sharing though..

So Molly had to use a neighbouring mole hill!

Molly, one of the girls we have for sale is a real character, she is slightly loopy in a nice sort of way, and so entertaining to watch.

On the lamb front, no more new additions as yet, we have three pet sheep left to lamb before we move onto the blackies in a couple of weeks time.  Ebony's tup lamb seems to be getting on well with his splints, I will take them off tomorrow and see how he goes.

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