Monday 26 March 2012

Too hot to handle

It was another none stop day yesterday, Paul and I spent the morning fencing, we've actually got quite a rhythm going and we are progressing quite nicely with the next divide.

We had a good excuse to stop mid morning as we had visitors, a lovely couple thinking of keeping alpacas.  We actually spoke to them last year offering some basic advice on land and shelters so now they wanted to come and get close and personal with our friendly alpacas.


(left - right) Cazanova, Jam-Packed & Portamento

It was a fabulous day to rummage through fleeces, everyone has so much of it at the minute, which in this heat is causing rather a lot of sunbathing and paddling in water troughs!

Our visitors left with lots to think about and I'm left drooling over Jam-Packed's fleece (sire Gianmarco's Masterpiece) which is stunning.  If only.....

Today has been even hotter, some of the girls are certainly feeling the heat, although I did manage to catch all of them standing at one point this afternoon to admire the view. 

I have a busy week ahead planned, visits, visitors and hopefully a trip over to Angerton at some stage; I still miss our old neighbours!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks HOT there with you too !
Its far too hot to be fencing...thats what I say..the alpacas look lovely, Im sure they are also struggling with this heat !......Jayne

Unknown said...

Jam-packed looks like a little cracker...he just makes you want to dive inside his fleece to explore...hopefully I will get to see him at the shows or is that 'I wonder' meaning something else?!

Marilyn said...

Did you make it to Angerton? Didn't see you but kettle on quite often if you're passing.