Wednesday 14 March 2012

Dirt magnets

Another busy day here on the hill, so nothing new there then! 

This morning I had a visit from the local constabulary about an ongoing matter, I'll say no more than that in case it ends up in court.  Mia (the pet sheep) spotted the bright livery on the police car as soon as it pulled off the main road; she never misses the opportunity to get throw a gate.  Luckily she is heavily in lamb and moving slowly so he was able to get up our drive before she got down on to the track to follow him.

All the alpacas have been enjoying the recent good weather and are looking much cleaner than they have, with the exception of most of the weanlings who are dirt magnets.  I think Angelica's fleece is totally destroyed, I don't think even I will be able to hand spin any of that.  She is a Legend of Spartacus daughter and has masses and masses of superfine fleece which is why it is attracting so much hay and debris.

Minimus is obviously feeling much better following his bad leg, for the first time tonight I had to pursue him round the field after tea.  He is usually waiting to come back into the barn.  His knee is looking much better but there is still a tiny little opening so I am taking no chances and he's in the shed with his friends.

Despite me cleaning out the chickens I only got 2 eggs today - that's one less than normal; thanks ladies!  Hopefully they are building up to mass production tomorrow.

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