Monday 19 March 2012

A fence free day

Firstly, sorry no blog last night after a day full of fencing (as well as the everyday jobs) I was too tired for blogging, and as for Paul & I going setting up as pro's Barbara it would end up in divorce or murder before long!

The fencing with the help of Dave (again, thanks Dave) is coming along nicely, the girls next field is now almost secure, the gate need hanging and the short bars at the end of the stock fencing need cutting.  This week I need to finish putting in the second nails on the cross bars and the staples in the stock fencing ready for the girls to move at the weekend all being well.  I did mean to take the camera out with us but failed I'm afraid.

After we'd finished fencing for the day Paul carried down a big bit of caravan mark one on the tractor which this morning we cut, crushed or snapped into small enough pieces to get into the car!  I did one tip run this afternoon so two more to go.

We have been moving hay bales about this afternoon, the boys needed a new bale as did the girls so we had a game of shuffle.  Everyone now has hay again.  In fact the boys got an extra ration tonight as they got the left overs from the littlies bale so they were quite chuffed.

Talking of littlies I'm pleased to report that Minimus's leg is now almost completely healed.  He has a big bald patch and a lumpy knee but hopefully in time the bump will go down and the fleece will soon grow again.  I'm now thinking about having him castrated as he's taken to living with the weanlings.  I'm just not sure......


Unknown said...

Yes, fencing always seems to cause a few domestics here too!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Obviously fencing is in the air...guess what we are doing up here...yep...fencing ! and a few sweary moments !! add a bit of spice to the days events !....Im wondering who gets the photos of the end results..first...!!!! Jayne