Sunday 24 October 2010

Back to the classroom

Yes Jayne you were spot on it is Minimus, and no Mark sorry I couldn't possibly part with him he is far too cute (don't tell Paul though he thinks he's only staying until I get his first fleece).

Today was day two of the Cameron Holt course, Sire Selection was the subject for today. It was another fantastic course, very informative and of great use to future breeding decisions. It was quite funny Barbara and I are both clearly on similar wave lengths because despite being in different barns and working on our own throughout we kept getting very similar comments and placings.

I made sure Rory got his bottle before I left this morning after Paul's dismal results yesterday. I was also back in time to give him his tea much to Rory's relief.

It sounds like Paul has enjoyed having a rummage through the cria's fleece whilst I've been gone. They are nearly all so friendly this year they happily stand there and let you have a good inspect without having to hold them.

I'm back up at Northumbrian Alpacas doing some preparation for the Scottish National Fleece show this week. It is the largest fleece show in Europe so it is going to take some hard work from all concerned!


Unknown said...

Good to catch up Debbie...great minds and all that!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like you both had a great time at the course....and now the excitement builds for the Scottish National ......;-) Jayne