Saturday 30 October 2010

Scales and nails

My parents have arrived today for a few days which is nice, mum hadn't even had chance to take her shoes off and I roped her into her first job - holding Gianmarco's Masterpiece whilst I cut his toe nails. Whilst she was feeling keen we did Tenzing's as well as his were looking a little long.

Mum also came laden with some more knitting stock, so I need to get it washed tomorrow so that it is ready for next weekends farmers market at Morpeth. Be there or be square!

Hughie was very pleased with is many visitors, he's had lots of people to say hello to today and he does like to meet 'his public'.

This evening I have weighed a few of the cria, all are gaining nicely which is good although Minimus has remained the same this week which isn't very good.

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Anonymous said...

Thought your mum came for a rest Debbie?
Janet -make sure Debbie doesn't give you one of her lists!