Wednesday 27 October 2010

Felling trees

It has been another long fleece day for me, in readiness for the Scottish National Fleece show. I won't bore you with the details but at least it now feels like we are getting somewhere.

As if I'd not seen and dealt with enough fleece during the day I have just been doing a little spinning with some fleece from my own herd. Super soft baby fleece which will hopefully be white when it is washed!

You may recall earlier in the year I mentioned that the woods were being taken down behind the girls winter grazing fields. Typically whilst the fields have been empty the work seemed to cease, until the girls returned.

I moved the girls a couple of weeks ago now and the workmen have returned to fell the trees. I'm not sure whose enjoying who the most the girls keeping an eye on the workmen or the men watching the alpacas.

When I got home this evening the bit directly being the field is almost clear, there are only two trees left and a fire burning with all the bits that are obviously no use to them.

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