Monday 4 October 2010

So pleased to see you

It has been a lovely day today, the sun always helps to make you feel much happier don't you think.

I weighed little Minimus this evening and he is just short of 15kg now, not bad for a 4kg birth weight. He still has his pj's (waterproof coat) on at night to save him having to use too much energy to keep warm, he can put it all into growing!

Paul has been out of action for a while so hasn't been in to see the animals for over two weeks now, but this evening he had a walk into the field with me. Oonagh was so pleased to see him, it was really sweet. She came straight over to him clucking away and exchanged a kiss, she has clearly missed him.

I'm still busy spinning Mary's fleece, but if you are reading this Carol I'm plying some for you at the minute so it won't be long!!!!!

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