Sunday 10 October 2010

Natural weaning

It seemed mighty strange this morning having no Kazuo come to meet me, the rest of the gang came mind; Pearson, Ochre and Godiva.

Kate appears to have decided that it is time Ochre was weaned and she's not letting him feed. He is only four and a half months old but has been in excess of 30kg for quite some time so he is plenty big enough, in fact he is almost the same size as Chiquita who is three!

She did the same thing to her daughter from 2009, Midnight Star, who incidental is not welcome near her mum at any price. I do find the family dynamics very interesting.

It will be interesting to see if Star follows the example set by Kate when she has cria of her own. Oonagh certainly treated her first baby, Kealeni, the same way Blossom treated her when she was reunited after weaning. Poor Kealeni still keeps trying to get some sort of acceptance from her mum buts she's having none of it.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its funny how some girls are very accepting for months and others wean...soon. Minstrel does a good job of natural weaning..she sounds just like Kate !! Marquette's baby(Zullulah) is now pinching back from her mum...and she is happy for her to feed after weaning months ago !!..I think that a new imminent !!....mind you this is Marquette's first baby..and she obviously is happy to let feed...but not for long !! its not the ideal !!......Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

Oh I love watching family dynamics and see how each one behaves. So interesting. We don't have too many moms that do a good job of self-weaning. We often have to separate the little ones because the moms get too thin and the babies too big. I'd rather they just took care of it.