Friday 1 October 2010

What a difference a day makes

Today has been horrible, I can't believe what a difference a day makes. So it was inside jobs for me today.

I had some husbandry jobs to update on the spreadsheets and the latest cria weights to add on. That was before we got to the website, which still needs lots more work.

I did manage to take a few photo's before the rain arrived of the latest knitwear to get in the online shop. I've done the necessary with the photo's, cropped them and named them so I just need to get them on the website now.

I have also been doing some spinning, but before I would allow myself to do that I had a hat to sew up. I have also been over to see Carol and Dave to drop some things off and to pick up the last of the Nefertiti fleece Dave had been carding. Carol was working on a lovely new scarf pattern she'd designed.

I am trying to get the Mary finished this weekend, hopefully Carol and Dave won't read this posting or they'll be chasing me for the yarn on Monday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too late, we've read it!!!
Think we've got plenty of other colours to be going on with though... and some new mixed to come when Dave's carded it...No pressure but I have got plans for it!