Saturday 9 October 2010

A teary goodbye

Just a very short blog tonight as I am very tired after a long day yesterday and an early start this morning getting up for the Formula 1 qualifying which never happened!

Today was the day that Colin and Karl from Willowbank Alpacas were coming to collect the girls and their cria that they recently purchased to take them to their new home in Leicestershire.

I had the four of them, Alice & Kazuo and Katia & Ginny at the side of the house ready when they arrived. I also made sure I'd said my goodbyes before the men came - I didn't want them seeing me get upset. I knew I would cry!

I am sure Lisa & Karl will want to tell you all about them on their blog in the next few days so I will just share a couple of photo's of them being loaded into the trailer.

And Kazuo's final kiss through the trailer, I will miss them all but he is really special.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Feeling your pain Debbie - I've yet to cross that bridge - from such small beginnings as a herd, following every development of each, named, animal, the strong attachment, and then...aargh!- but I'm sure it helps if they go to another, known breeder.

WillowBank Alpacas said...

Debbie & Paul,
Thank you both for your help with these alpacas, we are all very pleased with them and will keep you updated with pictures as they grow up, Kazuo sends a big muddy kiss :)
Karl & Lisa

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ohh..a mixed emotions day..happy for lovely new home...but sad as you say goodbye...Peace of mind knowing that they have got a fantastic new home...Job Well Done....Jayne