Tuesday 5 October 2010

Fleeced in the camera shop

I'm still spinning Mary! I'm on my last bobbin now so hopefully I will be able to ply it before Friday - that is when I will see Carol and Dave next, so Carol will have more black to knit with.

As the sun has been shining I have been trying to get a couple of fleece shots, which is never an easy job. We bought a new camera earlier in the year and I've never liked it but that's another story. I was talked out of getting an SLR by the man in the shop and Paul, remind me not to listen in future.

When you are trying to get a good fleece shot finding a clean bit is usually a good idea; this is not the easiest job in the world with Kazuo and that's before you even switch the camera on! You also need about four pairs of hands, one to hold the alpaca, one to open the fleece and another to take the photo.
After a number of attempts this is declared the best Kazuo shot of the day. For those of you interested Kazuo was our first Gianmarco's Masterpiece cria and is heading off to Willowbank Alpacas with his mum Alice very shortly.
Fleece photography always ends up in an argument here, Paul complaining my hands look dead (hence they aren't in the photo), or I'm not holding the animal at the right angle or they aren't perfectly still or me complaining that Paul is rubbish at taking photo's or doesn't open the fleece correctly..... need I go on!


Rosemary said...

I know exactly what you mean! Fleece shots have defeated us at the moment. Intrigued with the dead hands - how do they look dead!!
Very clear fleece shot, though - well done!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Yep, 'know what you mean Debbie, but we can see there's a promising fleece there. Note to self: 'must have a go at some more fleece shots.'

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Unknown said...

Note to Paul...I have noticed on numerous fleece shots that 'dead hands' can be livened up very nicely with a few rocks...you know those sparkly ones!!:))

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Well I think that fleece shot is excellent !!..I have yet to manage a decent fleece shot....single handed !!...no chance !!....of that one.....Jayne