Saturday 23 October 2010

Little cutie

I have been on a course today, Identifying and Measuring Superior fleece traits, by Cameron Holt, 'the man' when it comes to alpaca fleece, after all he wrote the BAS fleece show rules.

It has been a really good day with some hands on fleece evaluation which was great, I'm back over at Northumbrian Alpacas tomorrow for the 'Sire Selection' course which I'm looking forward to.

Despite Paul falling to pieces, you were spot on their Mark, I left the animals in his care, it's the first time he's fed them in weeks and it's really taken it out of him - I'm afraid I've run out of sympathy now, I'm a much better nurse/carer to my four legged patients!

As yesterdays photo's received some very nice and very witty comments I thought I'd share the cutest picture I took yesterday with you. I'm not sure how but I forgot to include it yesterday. Isn't he just adoreable.


Zanzibah Alpacas said... that little Minimus !!..looking..gorgeous..!!..I hope I'm right....I have a maximus....soft spot..for minimus !!......ha ha...Jayne

Shirley said...

A real cutie pie!

Patou Alpacas said...

You must send this small cute as a button animal to me immediately.