Saturday 2 October 2010

A game of shuffle

It has been lovely here today which made a very nice change after yesterday's miserable weather. Thankfully Kazuo has dried off and doesn't look quite as much of a scruff today; he has to be the dirtiest alpaca we've every had. He loves to sit in water and roll in mud - not a nice combination!

We have been talking about moving the boys round as Hughie, Loki, Legend and Marky needed fresh grass. I was hoping that I would be able to reunite all the boys back together over winter and introduce Sandstorm and Tenzing . This would help with the game of shuffle we play with fields here at Barnacre and we would only be using one field at a time rather than three.

Today was the day for the move so I let the four big boys into the channel who immediately began munching it. The plan was to let Golden Guinea out and see how they got on. Since Loki became a man (serving the ladies) Guinea has taken a rather strong dislike to him. I think it has something to do with the size of Loki's manhood - which incidentally he has great pleasure in showing off, which doesn't help!

Anyway to cut a long story short after having to intervene and distract Guinea on a number of occasions I decided it was safer to leave him on his own. It only takes a minute for them to do some serious damage to each other.

Next I introduced Sandstorm and Tenzing (last years babies) to the big boys, after a sniff exchange they all settled down and are happy together so I let them into the field. This evening all six happily shared their troughs so I'm happy.

I have been able to get out with the muck truck today which was good, but after all of the rain we've had it was like removing concrete in places and the pipe weighed a ton. At least the boys fields are now spotless so I will be able to harrow the now resting fields tomorrow.

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Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Rain doesn't help poo-picking does it? 'Coffee beans' and 'dumplings' turn into porridge! Not so good for poo-pickers elbow. Just waiting to try for my Glastonbury festival ticket...